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How To Load a File Unipack Correctly
December 04, 2016
January 19, 2022
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UniPad Project File
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How To Load a File Unipack Correctly

       Okay guys this time I will tell how to make Unipack file.This tutorial is already there but in Indonesian therefore I will make this tutorial in English.if the word is difficult to understand that because I am not good at speaking English.straight to.

Tools :

- UniPack/UniPad Song.You can download it here

- ZArchiver Or Tool To extract more
Link Download ZArchiver : Here

       if you have downloaded materials was please follow this step by step.

Step 1 :

   Open applications that have been downloaded earlier ZArchiver.

Step 2 :

    Search / Unipack specify the file where you want to load.who have downloaded earlier. if it met with its file and then we follow to Step 3.

Step 3 :

     Click once on the file Unipack. if it will appear Command/notice.

Step 4 :
        Your Click Extrack.

Step 5 :
       If it is click extract then the next step please open the file UniPad [Sdcard0 / phone storage> UniPad].

Step 6 :
      If you extract Already here (in the folder unipad) sample images for ZArchiver click the button.

Notice :
      Not finished until here check these folders if the folder is no longer folder [Folder> Folder] you exit the existing folder in the folder.
      When and if the extract does not show up folders and files and folders are named sound, keysound, autoplay, keyled, and info.
Sample Image :

    Then the next step you create folders and move the 5 files and folders to the folder you created. issue folder name you want to give it up any name.
I thank you so much ^_^
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